Friday, August 05, 2011

Another good quote from Happy Catholic

Well Said: Do you worry or do you watch for God?

From my quote journal.

When you find yourself facing an issue in your life, the purpose or reason or good thing that might come out of it being completely hidden from you -- what do you do? Do you worry and fret, become preoccupied with the problem? Do you ignore it or avoid it? Do you complain about it, do you want to run away from it? Or do you see it as a situation in which you might be able to experience the power and grace of God at work? Do you watch for the work of God that is to be done in this situation?                                                          ...Father John Yates
Jule at Happy Catholic has a real knack for finding great quotes, and luckily for us she shares them.  This one struck me because I've often thought that our job, so to speak, no matter what situation we are in, is to be an instance of God's love, compassion, caring, and mercy.  So if we are in a place of suffering, show compassion to those around us.  If we are in a place of joy, enjoy and give thanks.  If we are in a place of struggle, pray for guidance and the grace to endure faithfully.  And if we are in a place of tedium, especially, remember to do our duty as if we are doing it for the Lord.  Because we are.

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