Friday, May 20, 2011

Another quote (I hope you don't mind)

For some reason, this quote speaks to my better self:
Be pleas­ing to Him for Whom you are sol­diers, Him from Whom you will receive your reward. None of you must be a deserter.

Let your bap­tism serve as a shield, faith as a hel­met, love as a spear, endurance as full armor. Your works are your deposits so that you may receive the full sum due you.

–- St. Igna­tius of Antioch

I found this at a blog by an Orthodox woman entitled This Side of Glory. You can also check out her The good Orthodox girl’s guide to getting rid of ants.


Today's quote:

"If you are what you ought to be,
you will set the whole world on fire."

--St. Catherine of Siena