Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Debbie's home!!!! Praise the Lord!!!
Laura went to pick her up. (I'm really going to miss our extra driver next year when Laura is off at college.) We were visiting her, (Emily, Caroline, and I) and left just before the doctor came in and told her to go home! I hadn't taken the cell phone along, so she had no way to reach me--I was probably still on the parking lot!
The hard part will be getting Debbie to slow down long enough to recover.
Thank you all for your prayers!
Well, Deb's surgery went well. They took her back to surgery about 2:30 (we thought her surgery was scheduled for 1:00 pm, and they had her listed at 1:50, so it was a little late.) About 6:30, Dr. Boyle came out and talked to me. He said she had a really big goiter on the one side, and the other side was more what he was expecting. In his experience, he said, the goiter looked benign, but they won't know for sure for a couple of days until the tests are done. He said Debbie would come home either on Tuesday or Wednesday. I got to see Deb for a while about 7:45, when she got to her room (Room 564, bed 2). She was sleeping most of the time, but was aware that Laura and I were there. We left around 8:30 pm. I'll be going up today to check on her and see when she is going to come home.
Thank you all for your prayers, and we'll see most of you on Saturday!