Sunday, May 23, 2004

Day 4---On the Road

This morning is beautiful, again. The afternoons are hot, but the nights turn pleasantly cool. This morning, I checked our FWS system for the four offices I cover, and there is no work in the pipeline for me through Thursday. Jesse was in the office when I arrived, and said he had two tickets (?) here and a couple to work with the guys in Hebbronville--he wonders if they might not get called to Laredo to help out.
Last night, I was extremely tired when I got back to the hotel (what a dump!). It surprised me, considering mostly what I did was sit all day. I did make the 80-mile round trip to Hebbronville to pick up my cell phone, but that was about the extent of my travels.

Today is the Feast of the Ascension. I will be going to 11:00 Mass--the church is only about 4 blocks away--and then get some lunch.

All these small towns have their own Catholic church. Even Bruni, the town where the landmark for the CO is the pay phone, has one. (I looked all these towns up on

So far my impressions of this area are:

  • Sparsely populated

  • Very flat

  • Scrub brush--Jesse's motel is the 'Brush Country Inn'

  • Lots of Spanish on the radio--heard the rosary and the Hail, Holy Queen this morning

  • Wide open spaces!!!!!!!!

Everyone has been very friendly. There are reports of vandalism and sabatoge in California, and some unpleasantness with picketers, but nothing here.

I feel better having a cell phone now. I was wondering what I would do if the car broke down half-way to Hebbronville--walk 20 miles? I guess I'd flag down a car.

Oh well. I hope we get to come home soon. I miss Deb's home cooking, my girls, the Cards on the radio, tall trees, and on and on.

Say a prayer for a peaceful and swift resolution to this contract negotiation!
See you all soon, I hope!


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