Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Hello Everyone. the aunt nancy here. enjoyed a white christmas eve and christmas day. listend to caroline's choir at church and sat at amanda's table at the extended family christmas dinner at aunt marianne's. visiting mike and jenn was great. laura did a great job of driving. and i'm finding out that emily is quite a shopper. i had a great time in st.l and enjoyed your hospitality. looking forwrd to coming back in march. i'm forwarding mike and jenn's email address so you can get the weather scoop and other stuff directly from them. if you ask they will send you photos too. now january is moving along. i was sick for two weeks when i got back so i feel that january is long gone. i'm making sure i get out. saw jack nicholson's movie and it is depressing from beginning to end. DON'T GO TO IT. saw chicago and it is a great musical but not for YOUNGUNS. am going to a coed poker party this saturday (january 25). will be fun since i know several people who are going. i have a friend who went to Nairobi, Kenya for 6 weeks to visit her daughter who is in the peace corps. My friend was there for thanksgiving and christmas. She is back now and had a group of us over for a souvenir and slide show. the travel bug is on my doorstep. i won't be able to ignore it forever. c ya